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Western Paint & Body Works Inc Western Paint & Body Works Inc Western Paint & Body Works Inc
Western Paint & Body Works Inc
Know your insurance policy.
What is your deductible, what portion of the repair might you be responsible for, what is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay for repairs to your vehicle?


How long will it take to repair my vehicle? 
That depends on the repairs being performed, the type of paint being applied – base coat / clear coat or single stage, the possibility of hidden damage, and, believe it or not, the weather. If it is cold, our paint products, glues, and repair products take longer to dry.  Although a good rule of thumb is one and a half days for one thousand dollars of repair.
What is a deductible?
A deductible is the portion of a collision repair that you are responsible for. It is the first portion of the repair, the insurance company then covers the remaining cost of repairs. Therefore, you must pay this after the repair is completed but before you take possession of your vehicle. 
What is a betterment charge?
A betterment charge as it relates to collision repair is a value that your appraiser assigns to your usage of a particular part that will be replaced during the repair procedure. For example, if you are involved in a collision and your tire is damaged, you are responsible for the cost of the use of that tire up to the time of the collision.  If the tire has fifty percent of it's life remaining the insurance appraiser may charge fifty percent of the cost of the tire to you. 
What does R&I mean?
Certain types of repair require the removal of parts, either for access to other parts or to allow painting to the edge of a panel. R&I means simply remove and install a particular component.
Does Western Paint repair Recreational Vehicles?
Of course we do, in fact we specialize in repairs to the largest of recreational vehicles, with our 13,000 square foot facility we can easily accommodate the largest units.
What is the warranty that Western Paint offers?
We offer a one year warranty on repairs completed at Western.  It is the same warranty as manufactures offer on the replacement parts
Do you have courtesy cars? 
Western Paint has partnered with several car rental companies, offering reasonable daily unlimited kilometer rates. Routes Car Rentals and Enterprise Car and Truck rentals are two of the rental companies we regularly deal with. These relationships have eliminated the need for Western Paint to maintain a fleet of costly courtesy vehicles while still providing the best possible service for our clients.
Western Paint & Body Works Inc
Western Paint & Body Works Inc Western Paint & Body Works Inc Western Paint & Body Works Inc
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